These are the official Oligarchy-Guilds rules. They are to be followed at all times.
1.1. All forms of disrespect towards other players are strictly disallowed. This includes
a.) Bullying
b.) Harassment
c.) Toxicity
d.) Flaming
e.) Disrespect towards server or staff

1.2. Profanity is allowed as long as it is kept to a minimum. Using profanity against other players is a violation of rule 1.1 (d).

1.3. Usage of special or illegal characters is a violation of rule 2.2.

1.4. Using spam bots is disallowed. Punishable by permanent ip-ban.

1.5. Sharing of personal information is allowed but not recommended. Asking for personal information is disallowed. This includes
a.) IP-addresses
b.) Real full names
c.) Real addresses or places of residence
d.) Pictures or photographs of other players

1.6. Spamming the chat is disallowed. Spamming is defined as
a.) 3 or more chat messages sent in quick succession
b.) 6 or more of the same letter placed consecutively in a chat message or private message
c.) 3 or more of the same private message sent to a player in quick succession

1.7. Accusing other players of cheating is disallowed. Report them to a moderator instead.

1.8. Violations of any rules in section 1.0 are punishable by the actions listed below unless stated otherwise in the rule.
a.) Warning (1st Offense)
b.) 30 minute temporary mute (2nd Offense)
c.) 1 hour temporary mute (3rd Offense)
d.) Permanent Mute (4th Offense)

1.9. Advertising other servers or discord servers is punishable by permanent mute.

1.10. We do not endorse suicide encouragement or discussion.

1.11. Players are not to waste the time of the staff or Owner. This includes
a.) Asking silly or useless questions
b.) Asking for undeserved ranks or roles

2.1. All forms of cheating or hacking are disallowed. Cheating/Hacking includes
a.) Using a hack client
b.) Using unfair modifications
c.) Flying during combat
d.) Using x-ray texture packs

2.2. All forms of exploiting are strictly disallowed. Punishable by permanent ban. Exploiting includes
a.) Abusing glitches or bugs to your advantage
b.) Climbing walls or trees in PvP arenas, spawn, MobArenas, shops, or any other common/public place.

2.3. Using alternate accounts (alts) is allowed.

2.4. There is not limit to number of alternate accounts.

2.5. You may not use alternate accounts or nicknames to impersonate YouTubers or staff.

2.6. Violations of any rules in section 2.0 are punishable by the actions listed below unless stated otherwise in the rule.
a.) 14 day temporary ban (1st Offense)
b.) 30 day temporary ban (2nd Offense)
c.) Permanent ban (3rd Offense)

2.7. Bypassing a ban is punishable by a permanent IP-ban. No appeal.

3.1. Staff may not abuse their permissions.

3.2. Reporting staff requires evidence. Do not accuse staff of abuse.

3.3. In the scenario of a staff member abusing their permissions, players are requested to inform an administrator, manager, or owner.

3.4. Abuse of staff permissions is punishable by permanent ban.

4.1. YouTubers are required to be mature at all times.

4.2. Any abuse of YouTuber permissions is punishable by rank removal and/or ban.

4.3. YouTubers are not to use their rank to place themselves above other players.

5.1. These rules may be amended at any time, and new rules may be drafted at any time.

5.2. All these rules are to be followed at all times.

5.3. Players are to obey staff members at all times.

5.4. Any administrator or above may create a temporary rule.

6.1 Charging back ranks is punishable by permanent ip-ban.

6.2. When purchasing a rank or item, you are agreeing to the Oligarchy-Guilds Terms of Service.

7.1. All punishments are to be laid out in this format
Reason (Extra Information) [tags]
Any punishment not issued in this format is void.

7.2. Punishments are negotiable by appeal to Ban Appeals Team unless marked with {NO APPEAL}.

7.3. The meaning of the tags on punishments is listed below.
a.) [a] - Admin Issued Punishment - A punishment issued in severe situations by an administrator.
b.) [w] - Witnessed - Used when a staff member personally witnesses a player commit the offense.
b.) [f] - Forum Report - Used when punishment is in accordance with a forum report.
d.) [r] - Report System - Used when punishment is in accordance with a report given through the report system.

7.4. Punishments tagged incorrectly are void.

7.5. Punished players have the right to a fair appeal via appeals system unless stated otherwise in punishment reason.

8.1. All rules listed here apply on the Discord server.

8.2. Players may request an amendment to this rule code if necessary.