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New start, new season

Yite MANAGERADMINDONOR posted Feb 3, 18

Hey players!

Over the last season, we've been taking all your suggestions into consideration. We've come up with a much more refined and balanced version of that server that will welcome all new players. We took every factor into consideration while considering what new features to add!

What did we add?

- We fixed issues with border. (Users used border to exploit into bases)

- We fixed 1.8 boats. (Boats breaking randomly)

- We fixed some glitches with pearls. (Pearl cooldown was messed up, you couldn't pearl 1 by 1)

- We fixed issues with bow triggering anti-cheat.

- We added a highly requested feature: TNT fill. 

- We've added more items to the shop.

- We've added more scaffolds! 

- We've fully set up sell wands! This is will make BULK selling easier!

- We've added supply drops! (Will be added later in season)

- We've added stack mob to reduce lag

- Now you can obtain ranks from the Legendary crate and the KoTH crate!

- Removed users being able to access the top of the nether.


Have any questions? Make sure to PM me on the forums or discord! 

Hey dedicated players,
After being down for around 4 months, Oligarchy-Guilds is now returning, better than ever. We have new staff members and new plugins, just for you.

What's new?
- New KoTH (King of The Hill) Plugin, adapted to the factions gameplay
- Re-considered and improved /shop to balance the economy more
- /f top players at the end of every season get $100 in store credit to be used on ANY* store item!
- Top voters get store credit: #3 gets $25, #2 gets $40, and #1 gets $50, to be used on ANY* store item!
- New staff members and application process, see http://www.oligarchy-guilds.com/assistantapply for details
Server I.P.?
Releases at 3 P.M., EST on Monday 1/1/18!
Got any questions?
Go ahead and ask! A list of people who can help you can be found here:
officer401, Server Owner, Managing Supervisor of Youtuber Applications Department
Yite, Staff Manager, Managing Supervisor of Staff Applications Department
Adminning, Head Administrator, Managing Supervisor of Ban Appeals Team
If you cannot contact these, try asking in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/aFnwbFG

Best wishes,
Head Administrator
Managing Supervisor of Ban Appeals Team

*restrictions may apply